Advice to Boards

This section has been created to offer advice and guidance to Licensing Boards regarding the training requirements of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.

There are four sections:


Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders – SCPLH

This details the current and lapsed awards and offers guidance to Boards regarding award titles and codes. In addition there is a brief section on how individuals Boards may wish to consider certificates that support Personal Licence applications. MORE >>


Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders – SCPLH (Refresher)

This details the current award title and codes and explains the relationship between this award and section 87 of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005. MORE>>


Exemplar Certificates

This section contains exemplar certificates from Awarding Organisations to assist Licensing Boards in determining that PLH Applicants and those informing the Board of completion of refresher training have submitted the correct awards. (Please note that not all awarding organisations have submitted exemplars as yet, however, this will be updated shortly). MORE>>


SCPLH (Refresher) – Application Process

This section contains advice to Boards on what information they may wish to request from those who have undertaken their refresher training and also offers a “Notice to Licensing Boards” template that personal Licence Holders could use to inform Licensing Boards that they have complete their refresher training. Please note that the information contained within this section is there to help Boards develop a procedure for this and should not be in anyway considered binding. MORE>>


If any Board wishes for further information or guidance, then please send an email to and address it to Marc Robertson.