If you are a Personal Licence Holder (that is you have a Personal Licence issued by a licensing board) and you wish to continue to be a Personal Licence Holder, then you must complete refresher training 5 years after the date that your Personal Licence was issued. In addition, you must retake your Personal Licence Holder training 5 years after that.

If you are responsible for the training of personal licence holders, but you do not hold a personal licence, you are also required to complete refresher training as described above.

You need to complete refresher training 5 years after the date of issue of your personal licence. There is a three month extension to this, however, you are strongly advised to allow time for certification and for you to submit your certificate to your local licensing board.
Yes. You can complete your refresher training before the date on your personal licence at any point.
Yes. Anyone can complete the refresher training should they wish to.
If you do not complete your refresher training within the correct time period, and submit your refresher training certificate to your licensing board, then you will no longer be considered a Personal Licence Holder and you will no longer be able to authorise the sale or service of alcohol.
To deliver the mandatory two-hour training you must be a Personal Licence Holder unless you hold a training or teaching qualification accredited by SQA. Further details regarding this can be found in the advisory training standards for staff under the Staff Training tab at the top of this page.